Smarter Guns, A History

The history of smarter guns

Smart guns and smart firearms safety technologies have had a banner year, having been featured in the New York Times, Fortune, and Uproxx, among many others. Conceptually, smart guns are the natural extension of a history of firearms safety features that extends back to the late 19th century and previous. After decades of progress and advances, modern technology can produce smarter guns and safer products that gun owners are now ready to explore. People are incorporating technology into their lives more and more, opening the door to smart firearm safety innovations that could make life safer and more secure.

Popular Science tracked the evolution of smart guns, highlighting the most important moments of their history and perhaps pointing to why smart guns are on the brink of breakthrough:

how guns got smarter

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Written by Steve Karp.

As any science-fiction fan knows, a smart gun is designed to work only for the person authorized to use it. Since the 19th century, Smith & Wesson, Colt, and even Silicon Valley have all attempted to disrupt the now-multibillion dollar gun industry and bring a theft-proof firearm to market. While politics and public opinion have hampered previous efforts, a new generation of smart guns is now on the cusp of becoming reality.

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