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Smart Tech Challenges Foundation

Each year nearly 20,000 people in the U.S. are killed or injured as a result of unintentional shootings and teen suicides–deaths and injuries that could be prevented with personalized firearm technologies. Like the seat belt and other safety devices that help save lives, advanced safety features can help prevent gun-related tragedies.

Smart Tech is the nation’s leading organization supporting the development of innovative solutions to prevent what Americans agree is the most preventable form of gun violence: accidental shootings and youth suicides. In 2014, the Smart Tech for Firearms Challenge granted $1 million to 15 innovators developing user-authentication and other technology to ensure the safe use of guns. Following the initial challenge, Smart Tech continues to raise awareness among investors, gun owners, and advocates on the life-saving potential of smart gun technologies.

Smart Tech supports the Second Amendment individual right to keep and bear arms. We believe that the market, not government, should drive innovation and consumer choice. Our goal is to identify technology solutions that improve gun safety and provide consumers the opportunity to purchase safer, more secure firearms.

Advisory Board

  • Eric Adams
  • Rebecca Bond
  • Elizabeth Brook
  • Mark DiOrio
  • Bess Evans
  • David Paine
  • Greg Suhr
  • Stephen Teret

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