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Smart Tech Challenges Foundation

Smart Tech Challenges Foundation is the country’s leading expert and resource hub for innovative solutions that improve gun safety. Smart Tech is well positioned to elevate the awareness and demand for gun safety technologies and accelerate their entrance and acceptance in the market.

In January 2014, the Smart Tech Challenges Foundation was launched with the goal of addressing gun violence through innovation. That same year, the Smart Tech for Firearms Challenge granted $1 million to 15 innovators to ensure the safer use of guns. Their technologies ranged from radio frequency identification (RFID) and biometric access smart guns to biometric access trigger locks, pistol holsters, and gun barrel locks.

Today, our innovators have helped build an ecosystem of innovation demonstrating the potential of personalized guns and safety devices to intervene and prevent firearm suicides, gun thefts, as well as unintentional injuries and deaths.

Advisory Board

  • Eric Adams
  • Rebecca Bond
  • Elizabeth Brook
  • Mark DiOrio
  • Bess Evans
  • David Paine
  • Greg Suhr
  • Stephen Teret
  • Bill Wolfe

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