This week, on Sunday, November 1st starting at 7 pm ET/PT, the conversation around smart gun safety technology reached millions of viewers in a segment hosted by correspondent Lesley Stahl on CBS’ 60 Minutes.

View the full 60 Minutes segment here. Read 60 Minutes’ press release on the smart guns segment here. 

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Smart Tech founder Ron Conway shared how he began his work galvanizing the tech community around promoting firearms safety through innovation.

Smart Tech Challenges Foundation Founder Ron Conway at the Firearms Challenge launch in 2014.

Smart Tech grantee Jonathan Mossberg sat down with Lesley Stahl to discuss the incredible potential for smart guns to save lives, and how he developed the iGun shotgun. Read more about Jonathan Mossberg’s technology here.


Smart Tech grantee Tom Lynch demonstrated Safe Gun Technology’s fingerprint-access retrofit kit on an AR-15 rifle. Read more about Tom Lynch’s technology here.

Smart Tech grantee Tom Lynch demonstrates his fingerprint-access retrofit kit for the AR-15.

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Lesley Stahl interviews Smart Tech Challenges Foundation grantee Jonathan Mossberg