iGun CEO Jonathan Mossberg, smart gun visionary

CEO Jonathan Mossberg

Smart technology fans might already know the “Mossberg” name from Walt Mossberg, the well-known technology journalist of Ctrl-Walt-Delete notoriety. Now more people are getting to know another Mossberg: iGun Technology Corp. CEO Jonathan Mossberg, the inventor of the most advanced “smart gun” in the world. An entrepreneur and firearms expert, Jonathan Mossberg has been quoted in the New York Times, Fortune, Business Insider, and other outlets discussing the potential impact of his high-performing personalized gun.

iGun Technology Corp CEO and Smart Tech Challenges Foundation grantee Jonathan Mossberg, holding an iGun shotgun.

iGun Reliability

Gun owners are, above all, concerned with the reliability of the firearms and accessories they’re putting their lives on the line for, and iGun is the flagship user-authentication firearm concept for a reason: it’s a proven personalization system integrated into the most reliable shotgun design in the world, the Mossberg 500.

For years, the firearms community has respected the Mossberg 500 for its extreme reliability, and for being the go-to shotgun for law enforcement agencies and the military, including the U.S. special forces. O.F. Mossberg & Sons, America’s oldest family owned and operated firearms manufacturer (and the largest pump-action shotgun manufacturer in the world) touts the Mossberg 500 as “the most prolific and reliable shotgun in the world.” The resulting iGun is a “precision-machined firearm with a sophisticated computer and recognition system housed inside” that only fires when activated by a unique token, a mechanism that prevents accidental discharges.

Jonathan Mossberg's iGun shotgun with two unique tokens in the form of wearable rings.
An iGun shotgun with two unique tokens in the form of wearable rings. When a user wears the ring while shooting iGun, it effortlessly activates the weapon to fire.

Need for iGun

iGun’s reliability profile is impressive, but it begs the question: why not just use a traditional Mossberg 500 shotgun instead? The answer is safety: every year in America there are hundreds of instances of unauthorized firearms use. User-authentication technology, when correctly implemented by gun owners, can prevent suicide attempts, accidental shooting injuries and deaths, and firearms thefts. Law enforcement officials who have field-tested it are also enthusiastic about the potential for iGun to prevent an officer’s weapon from being used against them.

Jonathan Mossberg is now working to get iGun in the hands of gun owners across the country, especially law enforcement officers. Learn more about iGun Technology Corp and its CEO at www.iguntech.com. You can keep up with the latest news about Jonathan Mossberg here.