VARA is an external firearm safe providing immediate access.

VARA founder Timmy Oh has created a more efficient system for a firearm security device. The safe reduces inefficiencies in user operation, locking mechanism, and processing firmware to achieve a total unlock time of under 0.3 seconds.

Fast as a holster, secure as a safe.

Reach is a solution that enables a user to immediately access their handgun without compromising firearm safety. It uses a biometric fingerprint sensor for access under 0.5 seconds and is machined out of a high-strength aluminum alloy. A patented insert system allows any handgun to be compatible with Reach- simply swap out the insert for your specific handgun model. The firearm is secured in place by the trigger guard, with no possibility of accidentally engaging the trigger. Reach is designed to be mounted securely next to your bed, desk, or vehicle- ensuring that your protection is always nearby.

Additional IOT features for suicide prevention and home security ensure that Reach provides an encompassing value of safety in the home.

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