A new direction in handguns.

LodeStar is working to develop a personalized 9mm RFID handgun. It uses a personal “digital handshake” between a computer chip in the gun itself and a chip embedded in a ring or wristband.

We are embarking on the most ambitious effort yet: To make personalized guns a safe, viable option for U.S. gun owners by the end of the decade. Our first priority is to create the most reliable firearm that can be fully trusted by both those in law enforcement as well as homeowners who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Our first product, the LodeStar personalized RFID 9mm handgun, offers all the reliability of a standard firearm, yet with the added safety that it can only be used by an authorized user.

LodeStar has received an abundance of international and national press including this recent Bloomberg article:


LodeStar expects to have a working prototype by the end of 2018 and already has secured commitments for placement of its smart gun in over 500 retail outlets as well as interest from approximately 100 law enforcement agencies.  For more on LodeStar please visit our website at www.lodestarfirearms.com or contact us at info@lodestarfirearms.com