Fingerprint Guns

Fingerprint Guns

Fingerprint-access gun technology allows user-authentication to be quick and effortless. This technology is already widely used in smartphones and security devices and offers a simple solution to prevent others from using your firearm.

When an authorized user presses their finger to a fingerprint scanner on the gun, the scanner compares the print to its internal database, finds a match, and allows the user full access to the firearm. Unauthorized users cannot fire the weapon. This technology can be programmed for an unlimited number of users, allowing gun owners to give other family members access to their firearm or enabling police departments to authorize an entire police force access to the same firearm.

Fingerprint-access innovations

Learn more about innovator SGTi’s fingerprint-access retrofit kits. The Safe Gun Technology fingerprint access retrofit solution gives gun owners peace of mind by making it impossible for anyone except authorized users to fire the weapon.

Learn more about Sentinl’s IDENTILOCK, a biometric trigger lock that reads the shooter’s fingerprint before unlocking and allowing the trigger to be pulled. It fits directly over the trigger of any firearm and once authorized, detaches from the firearm within seconds.

Learn more about Biofire’s fingerprint-access handgun. Biofire is integrating a gun with a fingerprint scanner that can be programmed for a virtually unlimited number of users and boasts a 99.99% accurate recognition rate. This technology could prevent children from shooting a family member’s gun,, people attempting suicide, and individuals untrained to use the weapon.