Launching today, the Race to Reliability Challenge

The Smart Tech Firearms: Race to Reliability Challenge is your opportunity to meet the innovators leading the field of firearms safety technology and tell them what YOU think about their prototypes.

reliability challenge

From RFID technology, which secures a firearm by using wireless radio frequency, to fingerprint access, which means the firearm recognizes your unique fingerprints, our innovators are bringing the future to you. But they need input from people who are interested in the benefits of reliable smart firearms safety technology. The winning innovator will win a $2,000 cash prize that will go towards funding the further refinement of their prototype.


Each of our innovators has their own story of what led them to becoming expert engineers in gun technology, and we want you to decide which one has the best chance at creating a product that would suit your lifestyle.

Vote today for your favorite and be sure and check back to see who wins this exciting prize!