Safe Gun Technology Inc.

Safe Gun Technology Inc.

Retrofitting any firearm with the security of fingerprint-access technology.

Safe Gun Technology Inc. (SGTi) is a Georgia based company focusing on smart gun and user authentication technology for firearms.  Our engineering focus has been on systems that directly impact law enforcement officer fatalities, civilian fatalities, suicides by gun, accidental discharges, and LE service pistol theft.  In addition, after recent events in Parkland Florida, a new initiative is smart gun/user authentication technology for school districts that choose to allow staff to carry concealed firearms.  SGTi’s patented biometric firearm safety applications prevent anyone who cannot authenticate his/her biometric signature from firing the weapon. This application results in unprecedented levels of firearm safety and protection for law enforcement officers, agents, and users of law enforcement-type service pistols, carbines, and shotguns. SGTi technology not only provides users peace of mind but mitigates risk in firearm theft and liability.

Safe Gun Technology is field-testing a fingerprint-access retrofit kit installed on an AR-15 assault rifle. Gun owners and fathers who have young children like I do will be able to gain a new peace of mind about their home defense weapon.

— Tom Lynch, Safe Gun Technology

SGTi Engineers have designed our safe gun system to have zero impact on normal operation of the firearm. Some of the features include but are not limited to:

– Minimal change to firearm dimensional specifications and finish
– No impact on firearm functionality, maintainability, or reliability
– Meets service pistol specifications for durability, environmental and mechanical shock
– System does not impact firearm accuracy or dispersion, or speed in deploying and firing
– System functionality and performance is not impacted by electromagnetic interference
– System does not have a data or communications interface, assuring it cannot be ‘hacked’
– System can be operated in adverse conditions with gloves


Safe Gun Technology (SGTi) has launched user-testing, by inviting members of the community and law enforcement to begin user testing of an AR-15 Bushmaster rifle equipped with a fingerprint-activated sensor. The sensor is part of SGTi’s unique retrofit kit which allows a firearm to fire only when activated by an authorized user’s fingerprint and renders the firearm inoperable for anyone else. The company has fully integrated a biometric sensor onto the live firearm and is inviting feedback from the firearms community to refine and improve their Alpha prototype.

Firing Demonstration of AR-15 SGTi Prototype

Tom Lynch is the founder of Safe Gun Technology, which develops fingerprint recognition technology that allows only certain users to fire a gun. Here, he demonstrates the fingerprint solution on an AR-15 rifle by showing how he can only fire the gun with one of his hands.

Above, SGTI CEO Tom Lynch demonstrates the fingerprint solution installed on an AR-15. Lynch demonstrates that AR does not fire when he places his unauthorized fingerprint on the scanner, but fires perfectly when activated by his authorized fingerprint.

Marshal Greg Countryman Reviews SGTi Prototype Rifle

Marshal Greg Countryman, who has been working in law enforcement for 25 years, talks about his experience shooting the SGTi fingerprint recognition prototype rifle. He is thrilled about the innovation, saying it will improve public safety and relieve law enforcement officers’ fear that they will be killed by their own weapons.

Marshal Greg Countryman is a vocal supporter of the Safe Gun Tech fingerprint gun. “One of the worst nightmares I could ever imagine is being killed by my own weapon.” Law enforcement officers would particularly benefit from biometric access technology due to the relatively high incidences of having their service weapons used against them. Marshal Countryman also supports fingerprint-access guns because of their potential to prevent gun thefts, and make stolen guns inoperable by unauthorized users.

Hunter Ben Stahl Reviews SGTi Prototype Rifle

Ben Stahl has many years of experience with guns and is excited about fingerprint solution technology. He believes it will increase gun safety in the home, and help keep guns away from untrained users, criminals, and children. As the technology becomes available on the market, he hopes it will be even more reliable and easy to use.

Gun owner and hunter Ben Stahl tested the Safe Gun Tech fingerprint solution installed on an AR-15. Stahl is most interested in the technology’s reliability and speed.