Gun Safety Can Save Lives

Smart guns are one part of a multi-faceted approach to addressing the gun violence epidemic. Personalized firearm technologies can help prevent accidental shootings, suicides, and gun violence committed with stolen guns.

Accidental shootings

  • Nearly 20,000 people are killed or injured each year in unintentional shootings and teen suicides, many of which could be prevented with smart guns.
  • Approximately 7 children and teens are killed every day by unintentional shootings and teen suicides.
  • 570 children under 11 injured or killed in accidental shootings in 2015 alone.

Suicide prevention

Every year there are over 100,000 gun-related injuries including more than 20,000 suicides. Consider these facts:

  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death for ages 10-24.
  • More people use a firearm (52%) than every other method combined.
  • Nearly 1.7 million children live in a home with an unlocked and loaded gun.
  • 82% of teens who commit suicide use a family member’s gun
  • About 85% of attempts with a firearm are fatal, compared to prescription drug overdose which is 12% fatal

Smart guns and stolen guns

  • 250,000+ guns are stolen each year, 80% are never recovered. Smart guns could render those firearms unusable.
  • Less than 20% of guns stolen from law enforcement are ever recovered.
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