Gun Safety Technologies:



What is Gun Safety Technology?

Smart guns are firearms equipped with gun safety technology that prevents them from being fired by anyone other than an authorized user or users. Smart guns have the potential to prevent injuries and deaths, especially those due to unintentional shootings, suicides, and gun thefts. These personalized firearms use biometric or RFID technology, which can either be built into guns during manufacturing or retrofitted onto some of the 300 million guns currently in circulation.

Gun safety technology can also be applied to external gun locks and safes. A wide array of both smart and mechanical external locks and safes are currently being developed to provide quicker, easier, and safer access to firearms. Since many gun owners want a firearm that is immediately accessible, these locking devices and safes provide critical security and peace of mind to these owners.

How Does Gun Safety Technology Work?

Biometric Technology

Biometric fingerprint-access technology, used in smartphones and other security devices, offers a simple solution to prevent unauthorized users from firing a gun. When an authorized user accesses the gun’s fingerprint scanner, the scanner checks the print against its internal database, authenticating the user within a fraction of a second. Learn more about fingerprint-access technologies.

 Image courtesy of Biofire Technologies Inc.

Image courtesy of Biofire Technologies Inc.

 Image courtesy of iGun Technology Corporation.

Image courtesy of iGun Technology Corporation.

RFID Technology

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is a reliable, decades-old security technology familiar used in key fobs. RFID uses radio waves to read and capture information stored on a token linked to an object, like a ring or watch. In most RFID firearms designs, the token can unlock the trigger when it’s within a few inches of the firearm. RFID technology is impervious to rain and mud and can be used while wearing gloves. Learn more about RFID technology.

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